Where the arts come together in peace…

Every great organization starts with a bold idea and a solid foundation. The Sioux City Art Center, the Orpheum Theatre and most recently the Sioux City Museum, began with a group of people who planted a seed and turned a dream into a reality.

A group of innovative thinkers, led by local promoter Brent Stockton, have a vision to create a social space for the arts that will become the heart of artful living in Siouxland. Through this inventive, member-based club, they plan to engage the creative community with the business community in unique social exchange.

Appropriately named Vangarde Arts, the club will explore exciting, new boundaries that celebrate all forms of human creativity. Stunning visual artists and emerging performing artists will come together with non-artists, to foster social change through creative programming.

Unique fine art galleries, a concert-quality performance space and a casual lounge will create an inviting, fun atmosphere for individuals to meet, share ideas and have a good time while enjoying a variety of exciting events.

Vangarde Arts will sponsor activities and presentations which will include gallery exhibits, music concerts, dance performances, comedy shows and many other forms of creative expression to increase public interest in all types of local arts.

The facility will also fulfill the needs of our growing community by providing a creative space for other groups and non-profits to rent at a low cost. These functions will continue to strengthen the connection between the art and corporate worlds.